Naturally beautiful. No tricks, just nature.

We do not stop until we get the perfect result for the beauty and health of the hair. 

To achieve perfection, it is essential to pursue the care of details and not leave anything to chance. Each product is the result of an accurate research centered around both the client and the respect of his/her body.

We work to achieve a beauty that goes beyond aesthetics and becomes part of a path of wellness and health. Our products are not just cosmetics to conceal hair defects , but concentrates of wellness, that aim to restore their natural beauty. They act with beneficial active ingredients of organic origin, for immediate, long-lasting and visible results.

MAXXelle laboratories work incessantly to seek exclusive formulas that leave hair and skin soft, bright, strong and above all without damage. In short, full of life.

Organic and not aggressive actives.

"Tarkus on mineviku abstraktsioon ja ilu on tuleviku lubadus." Oliver Wendell Holmes

It is from nature that MAXXelle draws its strength. 

Plants, flowers and trace elements come together to create the basis of all active ingredients used in MAXXelle formulations. 

From color to styling, from care to shape, every service on your hair starts from biological and non-aggressive ingredients.